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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


More sun and less clouds this morning. This afternoon and evening have felt positively summery with blue skies and the warmth of the sun. This morning I had a tidy up in the conservatory and did some work on the dilapidated wooden beams over the sliding doors into the sitting room. This was a job I had planned to do in one fell swoop over the half-term holiday but for one reason and another didn't get done. Maybe I was too much in a holiday mood, too tempted to work outside or feeling too sorry for myself over that wretched tooth. Today I worked out a better method for getting the hardener on the wood. Instead of applying it slowly with a paintbrush I poured the liquid into an old washing up liquid bottle and squirted it into every split in the wood. A far quicker and more efficient method. What did take time was removing all the window sealant that I had originally pushed into many of the cracks.  While it did fill the splits I'm pretty sure paint would not stick to the rubbery surface so I had to take it all off agian. Sadly I'm going to have to paint the beams as the water stains and all the bits I'm going to have to fill would look messy if I just varnished the wood. 
I taught the Year 1 classes in the afternoon and then after school we had a staff meeting. Not only are we arranging end of term events but we are already planning the school topics for the whole of the next academic year.
Peter has just come home after a cox training session out on the river and will be rowing tomorrow evening. Because the river is tidal one week they do lots of rowing and the next they can't get out because the water is too low. At least the evenings are nice and light.


Billy said...

Beautiful pics again today! Glad it was a good day.

Happyone said...

The flowers are beautiful. I really liked the red, white and blue (iris?) bud.
Haven't see the sun here for days and I'm really missing it!!