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Monday, 15 June 2015


Another day of sun. Once the morning's cold wind died down it was an absolute scorcher of a day.
Once I'd loaded up the washing machine I took myself outside. I tidied up the front yard and re-arranged the acers. The oldest (green) one has grown so much that it took a lot of twisting and turning to find a position where the branches weren't in the way of anyone getting to the outside tap. I keep all the acers tucked in the corner of the house because they are a bit delicate and need protecting from the wind. 
Squeaky got fed up of waiting for me to sit at my PC and found herself a patch of sun to lie in. For most of the day the cats have been sprawled outside in the shade. 
The nest under Peter's window is actually a blackbird's nest not a thrush's. (A female blackbird has a very similar colouring around the head to a thrush, that's my excuse for the mis-identification.) I did manage to see the chicks reaching up for food but couldn't get a picture. I've attempted to protect the nest by placing old rose branches, covered with thorns, on the approach route through the wisteria.
My afternoon was spent at school sorting out the 'hares and tortoises' in the reception classes by letting them run lots of little races. Sports' day will be upon us soon. I had a worrying journey home as I followed a learner on a motorbike. He wasn't safe at all and after he had overtaken me on a bend in the road where he really didn't have a good view ahead I hung back a fair distance just in case he came to grief. He was very, very lucky not to do so on the long uphill stretch out of Shirwell. It is one of the few safe places to overtake but not when you are on a small bike trying to overtake 3 cars and a line of 3 cars is coming down the hill at you. There was some very angry hooting of horns and flashing of lights at this idiot who so nearly caused an accident which could have been fatal for him.

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