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Saturday, 20 June 2015


A wet and misty day today. Perfect for a lie-in followed by a long  ironing session. As I ironed acres of white sitting room curtains I watched wedding dress programs on the tv. Sort of fitting I thought.
The view in the middle of the day. 
By the time I had finished all the ironing I was ready to stretch my legs so I went out for a walk up the hill. I met Sarah turning out the ponies so we had a chat, mostly about ponies. 
 Look, we have giant geese!
It's always interesting to see what photos I can get in differing weather conditions. This Great Tit conveniently posed on the fence posts for several minutes allowing me to take enough photos  to find a decent shot.
It wasn't cold so I carried on to Ashelford Corner. 
Coming back down the drive the cloud was being blown in over the top of the hedge so I didn't get wet at all. I was only in shorts and t-shirt but I had a carrier bag to protect my camera if I should get caught in the rain which luckily I didn't.


Happyone said...

Love the tunnel tree picture.
I was supposed to get some ironing done today but never got around to it!

Billy said...

Beautiful pics today! I adore the scenery.

Harriet said...

Ironing white and wedding shows....very appropriate. Love the photos. Lovely walk you too us for..........thanks.