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Friday, 26 June 2015


I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, nasty sinus headache and some jaw ache so for once I turned off the alarm and let myself have a proper sleep in. (Usually on non-school days I'm up before 8.00). The sleep and some pain killers did the trick and in the afternoon I started blitzing the kitchen. Even if I hadn't got dust everywhere by sanding the door it was about time for a wipe down of all the surfaces. It's when I'm doing a proper clean that I wish I was a bit more successful at achieving a minimalist look. It's just that I find some ceramics and glass beautiful to look at. The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking good so the first pair of curtains is in the washing machine.
The weather today has been rather dire. Rain first thing in the morning, drier in the middle of the day when I took the photos and then rain all afternoon. I'm guessing that the school's sports' afternoon had to be postponed. 
As well as wiping down surfaces and washing things I've been finishing off my knitting project. Today was more about sewing. All will be revealed in due course. 
It's the Glastonbury  Festival this weekend so I've got the tv up to full volume (which isn't enough). I've had a quick look at the line-up and while I admit that my musical knowledge is limited I enjoy listening to new bands and there are some oldies that I recognise..

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Happyone said...

I think sleep is the best thing when you are not feeling well. You get so much done in a day and your pictures are always beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. : )