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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Listening to the World Service last night my ears perked up when I heard a voice saying that due to a solar storm there was a good possibility that the aurora borealis could be seen from the UK. Even from the south of the country! The aurora are on my bucket list so up I got, put on a dressing gown and a woolly hat and off I went. I knew I would have to walk right up the hill out of the valley partly to get a good view to the north but also because my neighbour has 4 big floodlights on all night. They light up the stable yard, car park, lake and most of the bottom of the valley and are a nuisance when you're trying to adjust to night vision. It was a mild night and all was quiet as I walked up the hill. The ponies must have been asleep in their field because when I walked past them there was a flurry of huffs and snorts as Boris and Taff had a little panic. Further on up the hill where it was almost dark there was the sound of feet lolloping along the road. I think a hare as it sounded a bit heavy for a rabbit. Apart from the ever present ringing in my ears the night was very quiet. Just the dripping of moisture from the few trees I walked past or the occasional sound of a cow or a car in the distance. And did I get to see the aurora? Sadly not, as the lower part of the sky to the north was covered by clouds. I had to be content with seeing the main constellations above me. Tonight is supposed to be better, clouds permitting so I'll be up there just in case.
It has been very warm today. This morning I did more work on the kitchen door. Preparation is so tedious and my fingers are itching to get hold of a paintbrush but I want to have several things ready to paint at the same time. 
Coming home this evening after a staff meeting followed by some shopping the sky was in 2 parts. In one direction clouds floated in a blue sky while to the east a dark grey cloud bank loomed.  
Go away clouds, 
and let me see the aurora borealis,

PS I've nearly finished my knitting. Made some fingers this evening. They were quite fiddly.


Harriet said...

I was 13 yrs. old and saw Aurora Borealis for the first and only time in my life. It was a cold wintry day in the Fall (I think) and sight to behold. Best luck to you.....bucket list minus one.

Happyone said...

It looks like that sheep sure has a lot of wool. Could make quite a few sweaters out of him/her. : )