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Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Summer Solstice.

It's the summer solstice but I'm trying not to think about the days getting shorter once more. It's still another 4 weeks until the school summer holiday starts, that's when I really feel it's summer. However I shall try and enjoy every sunny day whenever it occurs. This is definitely the time when the garden is at its most colourful. The roses are flowering as are the hardy geraniums while the azaleas are still hanging on to their blooms. 
Today was windier, colder and sunnier (at times) than yesterday so I was able to get out and mow all the grass. I also did a bit of trimming with the shears and some weeding too. 
Not much else has happened today. Romas rang to wish Peter Happy Fathers' Day. We've never taken too much notice of Fathers' day as it was just a commercial invention but he had a nice long chat with Romas. 

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