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Sunday, 14 June 2015


A cold wind has been blowing from the north-west but the sunshine made all the difference. 
This morning Peter and I put up this wall light (the uneven old wall wouldn't allow it to lie completely flat to the wall). Being ultra cautious I would have switched off all the electricity supply to the house but Peter merely turned the switch off. He did the electrical connection bit while I found tools, drilled the holes in the wall and fixed the uplighter to the wall. It does look better than the old light fitting which though it did the job looked unfinished.
The wind dried the grass enough for me to get the mower out and mow all the lawns while Peter went off rowing on this lovely afternoon. As I had some buttermilk left from yesterday's baking I made up a half portion of red velvet cake mix. This I used in a smaller cake tin and made some cup cakes. I want to test if they do freeze well as the recipe says. 

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Happyone said...

I like the cold with sun. : )