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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Lots of sun and very warm today. At least I think so. I've been teaching a Year 2 class all day and while the classrooms have windows along 2 sides I get so focused on the children that the views are incidental. We have a long lunch break but after writing up the reading diaries for the guided reading group and preparing the afternoon's lessons there isn't that much time left. So I was left with marking 60 books at the end of the day. That took me until 5.00 by which time I was glad to be off home.
We've had so much rain recently that the rill leading into the pond is full of water. Without it I think that area would be a boggy mess. 
When I got home I gave my legs a gentle and hopefully even spray with the tanning stuff which gives me tomorrow to scrub it off if it all goes wrong. 

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