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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hill Fog.

I woke this morning to a white world with clouds drifting down through the garden. That suited me as I could get on with indoor work without being distracted by the great outdoors. Yesterday evening I washed a large section of the stone wall around the woodburner to see how much difference washing rather than just hoovering made to the appearance of the wall. When I looked at it in the morning there was just enough improvement to make it worth washing the rest of the wall behind the woodburner but not so much that I felt compelled to scrub all the rest of the stonework in the sitting room and the kitchen. That took all morning until lunchtime when I made my way cautiously along the country roads where the visibility was about 100 yds to the main road where the visibility improved to about 200 yds. By the time I got down to Burridge the road was clear though I could see the clouds rolling down from the tops of the hills.
RE this week was reading a couple of parables to the children and trying to explain them in simple terms while remembering to say 'this is what Christians believe'. After school we had a meeting in the hall to explain to parents how the curriculum and the ways we teach and assess are changing. I was there just to show my face as I generally work all through the school. I didn't have to stand up and talk and instead gave myself responsibility for the teas and coffees. That gave me something to do and kept me tucked away at the back of the hall.
Driving home at 7.00 the clouds were still sitting on the hill tops, possibly they had been there all day. I stopped at Burridge to take photos and post a letter. 

By the time I got to Shirwell the clouds were blowing across the road and once I was on the back road it was quite foggy. 
Look right in the middle of the photo below to see the orange streak of a fox at the bottom of the hedge as he disappeared out of the garden. 


Happyone said...

I know it is no fun driving in the fog but it sure makes for some nice pictures.
I'm sure you wouldn't even be allowed to read a parable from the Bible in the public schools here!!

Ruta M. said...

RE is compulsory but the children learn about different aspects of Christianity and other religions: traditions, symbols, places of worship etc and we can't promote any belief. We're also supposed to cover 'other worldviews' which includes Humanism and I don't know what else.
I'm the RE co-ordinator so it's my job to read the curriculum and draw up an outline for the other teachers to follow.