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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


There was more cloud today but I took a chance and put another couple of curtains in the washing machine. Luckily it stayed dry and I've 2 more clean curtains. As it doesn't seem like we'll be having any more wood fires for a while I thought it was a good time to clean up the stone hearth at the end of the sitting room. I stacked up the last few logs, swept up all the bark and twigs that had accumulated and set to with the hoover. Not only did I hoover the floor but all the stones both on the inside and the outside of the hearth were done too. Then came the soapy water to wash down the metal flue at the back of the wood burner. And then it began to escalate - how about washing off some of the soot (from before our time) off the stones turned into let's scrub all the stones. I got as far as all the wiping down but the scrubbing had to wait as it was time to head into school for the afternoon.
After work I went over to B&Q to pick up some more paint etc for the next project which is to refurbish and paint the front door and the kitchen door. The kitchen door is badly gouged by the previous owners' dogs and I never did anything to it thinking that we might replace it. But now a repair and some good quality gloss paint will have to do.  
(Coming home.) I stopped at the top of the drive to pick up some glass which has been lying in the middle of the road for the last few days. It's very thick wire reinforced glass which I think may have been in the big pile of earth that used to be here. This spring the pile and the heap of slurry behind it were  removed making our winter parking space a lot bigger. I threw the bits of glass into the hedge to join the pieces of glass I found when I went up the road for my walk last week-end. 

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