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Friday, 19 June 2015


An early start for me today as I was teaching a Year 2 class all day. The teacher had left out all the work and there were no problems with the children so it was a pleasant day. On Fridays we have a celebration assembly when children from each class are celebrated for various reasons. Sometimes adults get called up for a headteacher's sticker too and today my name was called - for tea and coffee making at the parents' evenings and being ready to stand in at a moment's notice. The kids love it when the adults have to go up and make the school's special bow. 
I got all my marking done at lunchtime so when I got home a quick change into shorts and Peter and I headed off to the beach for a Sri Lankan curry.
We got there early and didn't have to wait for a table. After we had eaten our delicious curries, a mix of a little chicken curry with plenty of dhal  and a couple of salad dishes with poppadoms we went and sat on the beach. I find the gentle murmuring of the people on the beach quite soothing especially as I'm not responsible for any of the children.
I strolled down to the water and paddled for a while. The rash on my leg hasn't become any worse since yesterday so I haven't taken the antibiotics but I thought the salt water would be beneficial. The redness did get less probably because the water was so cold! 
Then home for a quiet evening with Peter snoring in front of the tv. 


Harriet said...

Thank you for answering my petunia question. Another question...what are pompados?
I think I spelled that wrong, it was with your salad today. Lovely beach photos. I, too, am happy to be around children that I have no responsibility for; however, I am always on the look out for mishaps. Tonight I began watching a BBC series titled "Scott & Bailey". Have you watched it? Summer is slow coming here. Lots of weeds to work on and our maple trees left millions of seeds behind so many have sprouted and must be pulled. Glad your leg is better.

Ruta M. said...

Poppadoms are thin and crispy Indian cracker type things made from a seasoned dough cooked on a dry heat that are often eaten with a curry. Very tasty and not greasy.
We haven't watched Scott & Bailey. We used to watch a lot of detective type series but now we tend towards medical dramas or sci-fi. Being able to record programs and watch them at our convenience and skip the adverts really changed our tv watching.