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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Stuck Indoors.

We've gone back to typical British summer weather, gloomy, damp and cool. A good day to spend in the kitchen. I've made Peter some date flapjacks and baked a red velvet cake. I used Nigella's recipe which worked out well and just for fun I made a mascapone filling. 
Sadly the moorhen chick didn't make it. I'd spent the evening wondering if I should release it and put Patch under 2 week's house arrest to give all the birds a chance or else did I need to go into town to buy chick crumbs and mealworms - Yuck! This morning I looked out of the window to see a fox trotting across the lawn with a rabbit in its mouth. Patch was dumped on the floor as I sped to get my camera but the fox had gone when I returned to the window. Earlier I'd been watching a deer in the field from our bedroom window.
By 6.00 I was beginning to feel a little stir crazy so I put on a coat and went for a walk up the hill. I needed some exercise after too much tasting during my baking efforts!
I didn't have much of a view as I set off up the hill. The ponies in the field came over to say hello so I stopped for a while getting my hand licked by a grassy tongue as this pony tried to have a nibble on my fingers.
I walked down to Ashelford Corner before turning back for home.  
As I walked down the hill I saw that the clouds had rolled further along the valley, the visibility had improved and it felt a bit warmer. It was only a couple of miles but it felt good to stretch my legs. 

The red velvet cake.


Happyone said...

Sorry to hear about the chick.
The cake sure looks good. I'd like a piece right about now. : )
Like your foggy pictures.

Billy said...

I really like your blog and I love the photos! I wish I could have British weather here. I prefer rainy and cloudy over hot and humid. The cake looks delish!