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Friday, 5 June 2015


It was all change again with the weather today. It was warm and very humid in the morning and by the time I took these photos in the afternoon we had already had some gentle rain. 
It was good not to be going in to work today so that I had the whole day to potter around getting ready for our trip to Birmingham tomorrow. First thing I loaded up my car and took my old exercise bike and other junk to the dump after dropping off all the videos (Peter did agree to this), some books and frames etc to the charity shop. I love re-homing stuff. Then into town where I bought a hat and shoes, that sounds much grander than the reality. The shoes were fancy flip-flops and the hat a cheap mock straw hat, both for work. I've had a lot of fun over the last few months sorting out my outfits for the wedding though I've just now realised that my usual handbag is on the far side of scruffy and I should have got something cheap and cheerful in town. I cleared out most of my handbags a while back and my smarter ones are too small to put my camera in but I've found one that will do.
Our friends' daughters are like family to us and Rachel is the first of the youngsters to be getting married. An event we are really looking forward to. But this week I haven't been in a good place. Thinking about everyone getting together for the celebrations has also had me thinking about Linas not being there. Each time that thought hits me like a sledgehammer between the shoulders and pushes me into a dark hole. Luckily the extra work at school kept me busy and I'm working hard to let the excitement of the day pull me back into normality. The diet has taken a bit of a hit this week but I'll get back on track soon. 
S'allright, I've cheered up again. I've discovered another bird's nest in our house. There's lots of cheeping from above the ceiling over the piano which is under a small section of flat roof. I climbed a ladder out there yesterday to see if there was a nest on the roof but they must have found a way to creep into the roof space. Sounds like small birds, possibly the  blue-tits or coal-tits that are frequent visitors to the bird feeder.

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Happyone said...

Enjoy the wedding. : )
Linus will be with you in your heart.