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Thursday, 25 June 2015


Another trip to the dentist this morning and one more step to becoming a toothless old crone. Actually it's a step towards having a full set of teeth when I finally get some dentures. Have to wait 3 months before we can start that process. This morning's appointment was a bit of a trial as although the dentist is very good and kind it took a long time to drag the poor tooth out. This was due to the crown snapping off first leaving very little tooth for the dentist to get hold of. She did warn me that I'll probably it'll be more painful this time but I didn't have to teach in the afternoon this time and I've got tomorrow at home as well. 

Once my visit to the dentist was over I did some shopping, ice cream is specified in the after care notes! I also went to buy some feather board wood that I need. After carefully looking at the different lengths on offer I worked out that I needed 5 planks. The boards came in packs of 10 but there were some loose ones too. When I asked an assistant she said that yes I could buy just 5. I assumed that 5 boards would be half the price of 10, silly me. At the checkout the price for 5 boards was £14 while the pack of 10 was £15. So 10 boards it was.
It has been a very warm day, mostly cloudy and almost too hot when the clouds cleared. I spent my afternoon sitting outside, first reading and then working on my knitting project.  
It was cloudy last night when I checked outside to see what the sky was like. There was no point in walking up the hill when I couldn't see any stars at all. Maybe one day we'll take a trip up to the arctic circle to see the aurora borealis. 

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Happyone said...

I'm sure you will find a use for those extra boards. : )