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Saturday, 27 June 2015


 It's been a hot, muggy day getting cooler towards the evening.
My first job was to board over the lower half of the old back door. The ground in front of it is a good 6" higher than the old doorstep. Something that saved us from being flooded a few years back when the stream backed up in heavy rain due to my neighbour having built a wall beside the road at the end of his lake.
Step 1 was to board over the door. As I plan to paint over the boards I sanded each one down before I nailed it up. I tried to do a proper job and checked each board with  a spirit level.
Then it was time to mow all the grass once more. I couldn't put it off until tomorrow as the forecast is for a wet day. I had to do my mowing covered from head to toe as the flies, small black ones, were swarming around me. I was glad to go back indoors for ironing and Glastonbury. Once again I proved that it's possible to dance and iron at the same time. Curtains are especially good for this. So I got my music fix and we have freshly washed and ironed curtains up in the kitchen.

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Happyone said...

We've had a wet rainy day here. I should have mowed the lawn yesterday.
Nice job on the door. It will be nice painted white.