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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Summer is truly here. Not a cloud in the sky all day but with a cooling breeze our valley was not far off paradise. This morning I finally started painting the back door. Putting tape on all the glass panes took as long as slapping on a coat of paint. I also painted the lower half of the kitchen door. 
This afternoon at work didn't feel like work. EntertaininglyDifferent , a theatre group were in for the day running workshops for the children. Today was a circus theme so the dress code was 'colourful'. I wore a pair of splashed look festival style loose trousers and a vest that I had flicked blue, green and yellow dye across. I also went wild with some hair chalks putting in lots of green and blue streaks and then acted most surprised when the children told me I had blue hair. My reception children had a plate spinning session (most of them could do it) which started off by balancing peacock feathers. Then it was down to the Secret Garden for a hula hoop session. That was more challenging especially for me and my TA. Neither of us could hula the kids' hoops but did a bit better with our session leader's bigger hoop. Then everyone went in the hall to show off their skills and more dancing and clapping. There was just 10 mins for a story and it was time to send the children home.
Back home I changed into working clothes and painted another coat of paint on the doors. I also painted the beams in the conservatory. I think they will have to end up black as the wood stains through the paint. I rounded off my evening by ironing the morning's washing while listening to The Who playing at Glastonbury.

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Happyone said...

Wow you did have a hot day!!!
Lovely photos as always. : )