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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


After yesterday's heat and even though on the radio they were going on about how hot it was going to be today it was all change for us today. The morning was overcast and muggy with a couple of brief showers. There was a warning out for thunder so before I left for work I unplugged the internet. When I got home a flashing radio told me that we had at least had a power cut.
I was in school for the afternoon where we had a bit more rain and some rumbles of thunder at playtime. I'd given both my Year 1 classes my chat about thunder and the children all carried on playing happily. Us adults did keep an eye out mainly for rain before we ended off the afternoon with singing in the hall. After school we had our last staff meeting for the term. I called in at the Co-Op on the way home and as my mouth is still very sore bought some more ice cream, white chocolate and raspberry. I bought the more expensive ice cream because it tastes better and also I'm likely to eat less of it.
In the car park I could see that the hills surrounding town were covered by low cloud and the last leg of my journey home was with the car lights on as clouds blew across the road. 
This morning I painted the bottom half of the kitchen door and put tape on all the glass panes. With 9 panes in each door it does take quite a while to do. 

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