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Saturday, 4 July 2015

School Summer Fayre.

This morning when I went downstairs I couldn't find Squeaky anywhere. I hadn't shut her in the sitting room by mistake and all the bedroom doors are kept shut. I checked in case she had got into one of those rooms but not a sign. As she is an elderly cat I was beginning to think that I might find her stretched out in a corner somewhere but nothing. Eventually I found her curled up snug and well in the airing cupboard in the upstairs corridor. Maybe the smell of paint in the kitchen was too much for her.
After all the dire warnings we only had a little rain last night and first thing this morning. It's been a hot day with black clouds making an appearance every now and then. 
I took a chance and painted the first coat of gloss on the back door and also did the top half of the kitchen door. That was before putting on my new skirt and heading off to help at the school Summer Fayre. The school council children had been asked to run the Hook-a-duck and the Splat-the-Rat games so that's where I was for a hot hour and a half. After that I left the games in the charge of a parent, had a little wander around, bought a slice of coffee cake and headed off home.
I had my cake sitting outside in the garden before putting on my sturdy old gardening coat and removing some brambles that had appeared in the garden. I also worked my way up the drive just beyond the garden cutting back the brambles that were hanging over the road and pulling up stinging nettles. 
And finally I can reveal the knitting project, a Clanger from the 1970's  tv series which has always had a bit of a following among students. If I had looked at the YouTube clip before I followed the pattern I would have made a better job of the armour. I just assumed the pattern was accurate. I made it as a fun present for Vytas' fiance Sally whose birthday was yesterday.


Harriet said...

Your fresh as a daisy in your summer skirt. The clanger is great!!!!

Mary Siler said...

Hello Ruta, I'm Ron and Marjorie Fry's daughter (Mary). I've been living in North Carolina, USA for some time now, but still love to hear about and see pictures of home. One night whilst working a night shift and trying to stay awake, I googled 'Indicott Devon' and found your blog. It took me a short while to figure out your whereabouts...I'm not used to seeing Wigmore and Holwell and parts of our farm from your angle, but it was so nice to find you! Mum and Dad talk warmly of you! Happy door painting...

Happyone said...

Glad you found Squeaky safe and sound.
Your pretty blue outfit looks nice and cool.
Great job on the clanger.

Ruta M. said...

Hello Mary,
What a small world it is. I don't see your family very often but there is generally some stock, cattle or sheep down in the corner of the field by our house.
Did you know Hannah Roberts? She lived at Shortacombe then went off to teach in London. She's moved back to Barnstaple and is now teaching at Pilton Infants where I work.