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Monday, 6 July 2015


This morning was cold and wet. After the usual housework I mixed up some filler and filled in all the gaps in the door frames. I also filled in the gaps between the wall light that we put up the other day and the wavy old wall. 
The afternoon was drier and at times quite hot. I was working in the reception classes and though I had instruments and music ready in case it rained we were able to go outside and practise the hoop skills the children had learnt on circus day. Some of the children could hula quite well while others stood still and wondered why their hoop simply fell to the floor. I haven't had a chance to improve my hula skills but the class TA was sporting some impressive bruises from using a heavy gymnastics hoop she had bought herself. I also introduced the children to the old fashioned game of rolling the hoops. After school I abandoned my plan to walk into town and drove to the Co-Op instead.
Coming home there was what I call a 'painted sky'. 
It's dustbin day tomorrow so when I drove up to the road with the rubbish I took these photos of Indicott farm for Mary.
 I'm guessing that's Martin driving the tractor.


Happyone said...

So pretty to see the fields divided with the stone walls. Looks like a giant patchwork quilt.

Mary Siler said...

Aww...so nice to see the farm today, thanks!! I'll have to ask Dad what Martin was working on in 17 acres. The name Hannah Roberts does not ring a bell, I'm wondering though if I might have known her Dad...another question to ask when I call home tomorrow. Thanks again...

Ruta M. said...

I spoke to Hannah today. She's probably a bit younger than you as she was friends with Robert. She says your Dad used to take them out riding.

Mary Siler said...

Dad remembers Hannah and her family well, I think he really enjoyed taking them riding. Martin has been busy cutting weed down in the lower meadows...Mum and Dad were boggled that I had seen Martin in his tractor returning from the bottom of the farm.