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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mixed Weather.

The morning was wetter, colder and wilder than yesterday but once again the sun made short appearances in the afternoon. I was up extra early to decorate the cup cakes with fresh cream and strawberries. Apparently there were much appreciated at Peter's work. My other morning jobs included gloss painting the door frame of the inner kitchen door. The other door frame is also ready but I can't have both doors open when I'm out. I also decided it was time to get rid of the last of the red tiles on the side of the door that leads into the hall. These bright red brick sized tiles with their black grouting originally covered the walls and floor of the kitchen which was half the size it is now. Not my style at all. I'd left that section behind the door as a wry reminder of the previous owner's taste. Today I used plenty of filler to fill in the untidy gaps down both sides of the tiled section. Out of curiosity I measured the depth of the wall between the kitchen and the hall - 21". They built these old houses well.
The sun was shining and it felt extremely hot as I walked across the playground from my car into school at lunchtime. By the time I had put my bag away and walked into the school hall I could see children running for shelter as heavy rain soaked the front playground. But on the other side of the hall the sky was blue and there was not a drop of rain. I had a very relaxed afternoon with the children; phonics, active play with hoops and footballs, Auntie Mabel and Pippin seeing crisps made - a very old favourite that has been re-released on DVD, and finally whole school singing in the hall. 
I got out of school promptly and went over to Tesco's for a bit more shopping and then home in more sun and rain.

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Happyone said...

Wow that is a think wall - nice and sturdy - your house isn't coming down in a storm. : )
The little cakes look delicious.
Your weather sounds a like here!