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Sunday, 5 July 2015


The thunderstorms and heavy rain arrived this morning. As usual I ran downstairs at the first rumble to unplug the phone line and protect our hub. The power went off briefly a couple of times before the storms moved away. The rest of the day has been bright, breezy and warm. While the weather was a bit unpredictable I baked 2 lots of cup cakes, vanilla and chocolate, for Peter to take to work on Tuesday. It's not his birthday until Wednesday but he's taking a few days holiday then. As it's a special occasion I baked the cup cakes in muffin cases and I'll top them with fresh cream and fruit/chocolate tomorrow. 
At last I was able to paint the final coat of paint on the back door and the kitchen door. It was very satisfying to remove the masking tape from the glass but I'll have to wait until the paint is completely dry before I can clean the glass properly. Now there are just the front door and the door frames  left to do. I cleaned up the door frames today including removing all the old draft excluder but now I see that there are some gaps that need to be filled first. 
I couldn't spend all of this lovely day without some gardening so my last job was some weeding up on the heather bank. Some of the weeds were about ready to flower so I got to them just in time. 


Harriet said...

You did a wonderful job on your door. Love the astilbe flowers too.

Happyone said...

NICE job on the door and I love all your hanging flowers.