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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Peter's Birthday.

Today is Peter's (seen here with Rachel) 65th birthday. So now he is officially a senior or as we say more gloomily in the UK an Old Age Pensioner.  Not that he's been pensioned off, indeed he's going to carry on working for the foreseeable future. He's taken a few days off work and as a surprise celebration I've organised the boys and their partners to come down and spend the weekend with us. I've got lots of nice meals planned and on Saturday afternoon they are all going off clay pigeon shooting.
I liked the thought below. 
Today the tables were turned and I had to get up early for work while Peter had a chance for a lie-in. My route to school was blocked by a fallen tree at the beginning of the first built up street I turn into but luckily I was able to turn and take the next road. I was teaching the reception children in the morning and then my usual Year I classes in the afternoon. There are no more staff meetings this term so I was able to leave school promptly. At home I painted a second coat of gloss on the kitchen door frame which means that door is now done.
Last year the slugs ate through the stems of the cowslips by the little pond before they flowered but so far this year they've left them alone. 


Harriet said...

Happy Birthday to Peter!!!! I, too, am 18 but with 51 years of experience. My husband worked until he was 69. He appreciates his retirement very much. I appreciate spending the time with him. Best wishes to both of you as you celebrate.

Happyone said...

Happy Birthday to Peter. Nice to see a picture of him. : )