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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mostly Wet.

It was cooler and raining steadily for most of the day then later in the afternoon the clouds disappeared and suddenly it was blazing hot. My thermometer measured 29C at 6.00.
While it rained I carried on with gloss painting doors in the kitchen and hall. Annoyingly I couldn't make a start on the top half of the kitchen door because I ran out of masking tape for the glass and had forgotten to buy some more. Looking at the gleaming white lower part of the door it seemed silly not to give the doors to the corridor a fresh coat of white too. It's only been a few years since I painted them but they had yellowed noticeably. This time I've bought an expensive brand of gloss paint which hopefully will stay whiter for longer.  
Later on I tried a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies which wasn't a success as they turned out more like splodges than cookies.  I also made chocolate cup cakes for Peter to take to work as I haven't sent in anything for a while.
My wildlife book shows both red damselflies and common blue damselflies but no mention of an orange one. Maybe it's an immature red damselfly or have I discovered a new species?  
Last night I had an evening stroll up the hill to look for Jupiter and Venus in their alignment but didn't spot them. There must have been some hazy cloud cover because I could only make out a few of the main constellations though the full moon was like a searchlight casting shadows from the fence across the road.

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Harriet said...

I think you have discovered a new species. Lovely flowers.