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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


A chill wind has been blowing all day and apart from a couple of occasions when the sun tried to break through it has been a fairly grey day. So I wasn't too tempted to stray from my plan of having a rest day. Not to say that I didn't wash the last of the dusty dust sheets and get them out on the line.
While hanging up the washing I may just have been diverted into hoeing the weeds growing in the propagating beds. It's the perfect weather for hoeing as the cold wind helps kill the uprooted weeds. I have been indoors for most of the time and had a good session on my guitar. While my fingers tips are developing callouses I cheated a bit and put small plasters over some of them so I could practise for a bit longer. I'm determined to succeed in this teach-yourself venture especially as the boys bought me such a lovely guitar.
Every day there are yet more signs of spring. The wisteria is full of fat flower buds several of which are showing some colour.
And on the rosemary which has been flowering for a while a red tailed bumble bee was busy collecting nectar and pollen.

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