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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Too Much Exercise.

I have been doing my exercises three times a day as stipulated but I began wondering  why they were taking so long. At least half an hour for the full set which I do twice a day plus a third session when I only do two stretch exercises. Most of the exercises should be held for 10 seconds and repeated 10 or 15 times, but because I couldn't be bothered with counting one thousand, two thousand etc. I just counted my breaths instead. (I did tell the physiotherapist this last time.) However when I fished out my watch from the drawer where it lives most of the time I found that ten of my breaths took between 20 and 30 seconds! A little overenthusiastic of me I think.
A morning of sunshine and showers turned into a lovely afternoon. 
Looking at the newly plastered walls I spotted a few tiny holes probably from air bubbles. As the walls are not going to be papered but simply painted, white of course, I mixed up a very small amount of plaster and filled in the pin-head sized holes. If a job is going to be done it might as well be done properly. 
The white skunk cabbage flowers have appeared alongside the many bright kingcups in the pond. In between the pond plants the water is crystal clear and I spent some time watching the coming and goings of the tadpoles. All the birds in the valley were filling the air with the sound of their songs along with the less musical cawing of the rooks and the occasional squawk from their youngsters. 
I had to be outside on such a lovely afternoon so I dug up the weeds in the patch of grass by the wall. There were too many daisies so I left them and the violets but the dandelions, thistles and plantains are now gone. Only the 2 big lawns left to be done.

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