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Saturday, 22 April 2017


We've had a beautiful sunny day, perfect weather for a house viewing. Peter rang the estate agent this morning to check if the viewing had been confirmed and was told that they thought so but would confirm by email. No email arrived but the viewers did. (I haven't had any emails from the estate agents for a while so I wonder if they have mixed up the email address.)
If a house sale was based on how well you got on with the viewers then this would be a sale but of course you never know exactly what people want. We do know they haven't sold yet so this was just a preliminary look around. As we had to show the people around ourselves we decided it would be best if Peter showed the house and I showed them around the garden. (Mr Blackbird is up in his tree again, no sign of blackbird no 2.)
Today's viewers had come down from Bristol but as we chatted it turned out that the wife's family lives outside of St Ives and she knew the part of St Ives where my mother's gallery had been. (It was turned into holiday flats over 40 years ago.) Then she mentioned that her family lived in the village of Nancledra which I knew well as my mother's friends lived there and I spent a lot of time with them. This was in the days when a 4 year old could be put on a bus, kept an eye on by the bus conductor and then met at the bus stop by an adult.
I finished off my afternoon sitting outside in the sun with a book. I have also made notes of the first 3 months of this year prior to writing them up in my journal. If I am really organised I could write down key events as I write my blog and be ready to write up the journal at the end of each season. Perhaps I should try that.

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happyone said...

I love those bright sunny days. : )
One day just the right person will come along and buy your house.