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Monday, 10 April 2017

Meeting Friends.

Today has been sunny but after the baking heat of the weekend, disappointingly chilly. This morning I met up with 2 friends for coffee and lots of chat at the garden centre. Having originally all worked together each of us is now in a different school and it is good to catch up on each other's news and compare notes about work.
Afterwards I drove to Lidl's where I parked and walked over the bridge to the High Street. Everywhere is busy because of the Easter holidays but it wasn't too crowded. I came across a group of work colleagues enjoying an alfresco drink so I had a quick chat with them too.
It's surprising who you do see in the High Street.
I also called in at Asda to buy this fluffy night-time hoody which I had been tempted by on my last visit to Asda (the inside is even fluffier). I also picked up a tin of Dulux gloss paint as it was half price then when I got to the check out it rang up as 70p (original price £7!). I did query it but the cashier put it through a second time and said she had to go by that price. Unfortunately it was the last tin of that paint.
Even though I had only been on a fairly brief shopping trip my back was a bit on the sore side once I got home. Better have a quiet day tomorrow, that is after the viewing which has been booked for 10.00.

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