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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Frtost Warning.

 I was listening to the shipping forecast in the bedroom as I did my exercises only to hear a gale warning but fortunately, for us at least, it was for somewhere in the far north of Scotland. In the normal forecast was a warning for widespread frosts next week. All the garden centres are full of tempting bedding and hanging basket plants but I shall hold out a bit longer until the danger of frost has passed. I still can't believe how well the blue violas that I planted last autumn are doing. Only now are they beginning to look a bit bedraggled.
My morning was brightened up by hearing from Vytas via FB. They arrived in Cusco last night and have a few days to get used to the time difference and the altitude. Can't wait to see their photos when they get back.
Here the weather has swung between sunny warmth and chill clouds. I was tempted to sit and write in the warm conservatory again but the sun enticed me outside for some gentle weeding in the scree garden.
Through the trees I could see a large group of children going out for a ride. The stables next door don't cater for casual rides but focus mainly on lessons and competition riding with the occasional hack for a change of scene. This is the same as the stables I used to ride at in London where we would sometimes go out onto Hackney marshes (they built an ice rink there for the London Olympics). There were certain spots where we would spread out for a mad gallop and woe betide the rider caught unprepared. Peter was learning to ride at that time when his group of novice riders were taken out onto the marshes. He hung on but apparently there were bodies flying left and right. One lady returned covered in mud from head to toe having fallen off a number of times each time into a muddy patch.

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