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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Lots of sun today still with a cold wind. It's a good thing that the apple blossom hadn't opened when the weather took such a turn for the worse.  
I spoke to the carpet place this morning and first they tried to tell me there was so much left over because sometimes if there is only a small amount left on the roll the suppliers send the extra anyway. However I knew the amount that had been ordered ie the amount I've paid for and there would still have been 3m x 3m left over. A second phone call from them had an offer of free underlay but I would have to pay for the fitters - duh, no way. I said I'll call in on Friday after my back class and talk to the boss. I'm sure that they won't want to risk their reputation over the fitting of one carpet.
While I did a little weeding around the pond the cats were busy sleeping in the sun.  Later Peter and I worked together to cut a strip off the bottom of his study door using the jigsaw. We took it in turns as it was hard on the hands to keep the jigsaw  moving. The circular saw would have been over kill and it is only on a small stand which is fine for bits of wood but not for a whole door. We even got the door upstairs and screwed back into place. 2 old codgers + experience = job done, eventually.

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