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Thursday, 27 April 2017


It's been grey and cold today. So cold in fact that this evening I've turned on the central heating. I'm not too bad with the cold but it isn't good for Peter's arthritis. This morning I couldn't find Squeaky when I went downstairs. Peter had been down earlier and fed her (the cooked turkey mince is going down a treat) but she wasn't curled up by the rayburn or snoozing on a chair. At that point I thought the worst and began looking in any little corner she could have got into. It was only when I went upstairs to check that I found her sleeping in the airing cupboard. She would go in there during the winter when it was cold so I guess the kitchen wasn't warm enough for her today.
The first of the roses are out, Mme Alfred Carrier- one of the roses climbing up the front of the house and over the porch.
I still went out and did some gardening well wrapped up in a coat for the first time in a while. My daily gardening keeps me sane and helps keep the garden in a reasonable condition. Today I did some weeding in the scree garden, mainly bracken and ivy leaved toad flax.  The bracken looks very sweet when it is only a couple of cms tall but if left will grow several feet and be more difficult to remove. The scree garden is weed free for the moment though there are always leaves and moss to pick off the stones. Incidentally the people who came to view the house the other day loved it but it is at the top of their budget and they haven't sold their house yet.
I had a little walk up towards the ponies' fields and spotted the goose family. All 7 goslings are still there being guarded by the adult geese.

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