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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


It's been another sunny but cool day and each day I see more green leaves on the beech hedge. Nothing yet on the full grown trees but it shouldn't be too long. Apart from adding to the general greenness of spring once the trees on the far side of the bog garden and stream leaf up they will screen our neighbour's workshops and yard where he keeps some of his farm vehicles. The last people who came to view the place did voice concerns about the noise from there when they looked up in that direction.
After yesterday's gallivanting around my morning included catching up on sleep and taking things easy. In the afternoon I pottered around the garden pulling up the worst of the weeds and working out which area to work on next.
Yesterday, after assuring the public that there wouldn't be a snap election our prime minister called a general election for the beginning of June. Just another instance of politicians saying one thing and doing another which in my book is lying. The problem is who to support as most of them seem to be as bad as each other. We'll just have to see what the local candidates say and then try and work out which bits are truthful.

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