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Monday, 24 April 2017


Grey and chilly today with a little sunshine in the afternoon. This morning I took the remaining carpet and underlay down to the dump. This time I went to the Ilfracombe dump, partly because it's countryside all the way and partly to avoid being caught at the hospital traffic lights/roadworks. There was a temporary one-way light just before I got to Ifracombe which was due to the side of the road having fallen down into the valley. I was the only car on the road and the light changed as I approached. About a mile further back on the road a stag had appeared in the hedge and run across the road as I slowed down. That's not a very usual sight in these parts.
I called in at the Tesco's there and got some minced turkey (cheaper than chicken) to tempt Squeaky with. She does like her sardines but they are too rich for her on their own and she wasn't so keen on them mixed with her tinned food. Then on my way back I stopped at a local farm to buy some fresh eggs. The farm is at the head of our valley and on a good day I can hear the cockerel crowing.
A chaffinch in our yard.
I was writing up my journal in the conservatory when Peter came to say we had some visitors in the garden. He distracted the cats with some milk while the parent geese decided our garden wasn't the best place to visit. Now that my journal is up to date AT LAST! I've started a system of making notes each time I blog so that I don't get behind. I find I function much better when I have a routine or system for those things which need doing as I am so easily distracted especially by outdoor activities.
Exploring by proxy- Vytas and Sally at Machu Picchu.  

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happyone said...

We have a gray chilly day too.
The lamb is so cute and I like your visitors today. : )
I noticed that Vytas has a good hold on Sally near the edge there.