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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Greetings.

Easter greetings to those of you who celebrate Easter.
It seemed like quite a promising day this morning with plenty of blue in the sky and light winds as I walked up to say hello to the ponies. Peter went out for an early morning row, just a half session with the social rowers as he is recovering from his latest bout of arthritis.  Although I'm on a diet I allowed myself some chocolate this morning because it's Easter (I know that's not a good reason and yes I was 'off diet' last weekend too).
I took advantage of the wind to get more washing on the line and later when it was much greyer and colder I did all the ironing while watching a film - It's a wonderful afterlife, a British/Indian comedy.
One of the sparrows that nest by our bedroom window.
Earlier I had been pottering around the scree garden with a blackbird singing away in a nearby tree. I attempted to increase his wide and varied repertoire by teaching him Peter's phone ring tone but he was more interested in a singing match with another blackbird somewhere down the valley. I've spotted 2 pampas grass seedlings in the scree garden which I shall move near to the big pampas grass stand which I fear is on its last legs. 
The latest photo from Vytas in Cusco. Last night's R4 Brain of Britain quiz had the question - Which country is the city of Cusco in? One of the few that I got right.

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happyone said...

Thank you and Happy Easter to you too.
All your photos are lovely as usually. : )