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Thursday, 6 April 2017


It's been a bright day still with a bite in the wind. In the afternoon I optimistically wore my shorts while I relaxed outside with a book ( and coffee and cats) which resulted more in goosebumps than any sun tan . Before that I did some weeding of the lawn. With not being able to do so much I started off digging out all the weeds, then decided that the big patches of daisies could stay, then I thought I'd just focus on the dandelions, thistles and plantain and finally I honed in on any dandelions that were actually flowering.
Today I baked a chocolate cake and drizzled some white chocolate over the cookies I made yesterday. Having finished off the left over Maltezers and ganache I can report that they go together very well.
I started using those nasal drops yesterday. Peter wondered what I was doing as after shaking the individual dose plastic vial you have to get your head in an upside down position either by bending right over or kneeling on the floor and resting the top of your head on the floor which is the method I chose. You then have to remain in that position for at least a minute to allow the solution to drip into your sinuses. I only hope it is worth it.
I shall be taking a short blog break so bye for now.

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