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Thursday, 13 April 2017


There hasn't been much wind today and for most of the day it has grey and gloomy. As I write I can see a large patch of blue sky and the sun shining on the bright green of new leaves in the woodland next door.
I did very little outside today, just dug up a few dandelions and swept the concrete under the washing lines.
As I watched the little pond I could see some movement under the surface which turned out to be a newt (its head can be seen in the centre of the photo below). It was only as I looked carefully at the photo that I saw the curved body of a second newt below the first newt.
Peter reminded me that I had promised to fix his fossil shark tooth necklace which I think was a ploy to occupy me when I would prefer to be outside. He also expressed a wish for a second necklace using a smaller tooth and the shells from my broken plant pot holder. That kept me busy for the afternoon.
One job I did do was to hang up pictures in our tidy hallway with its freshly plastered and painted walls. Still have to wait another 2 weeks until the carpet is laid.

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