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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


More sun again today along with a cool wind. Peter got up early as the man was coming to service the rayburn. Peter feels bad that he isn't able to do the service himself but I just am grateful for all the years he did do the servicing and saved us such a lot of money.
It feels like I have done a lot of queueing today. I left in plenty of time for my physiotherapy appointment this morning but after crawling along the road behind a tractor pulling a slurry tank the line at the traffic lights/road works was so long it took me 10 minutes to get through the lights and I still had to walk fast to get to my appointment on time. I've made enough progress with my exercises that I've been promoted to the back exercise class. Once a week on Fridays at 8.10 in the morning! That will be a bit of a shock to the system as I'm often still catching up on my sleep at that time.
After my appointment I drove across to the dump to get rid of the hall carpet which was tied up in rolls in the back of my car. They used to have a separate container for carpets but that's gone and I had to queue up with all the cars waiting to unload into the non-recyclables container. Then I did some shopping at Lidl's where you often have to wait in line for a checkout as they don't have many staff. I passed on going to the High Street but drove to Tesco's for the rest of my shopping. Even there I had to wait in line to try on yet one more sports crop top which I then decided wouldn't do. At least I didn't have to queue to check out there as I had scanned my shopping as I went along and all the self service tills were free.
I had also gone to BJ's as they had sent me vouchers for a free gro-bag and a free box of plants. It's a good way to get people into their garden centre but I would have gone there anyway. I decided to buy the plants for my hanging baskets (surfinia petunias and trailing lobelia) while they had the colours I wanted in stock. For the moment they are in the conservatory while there is still a danger of frost.
Once I got home I was quite worn out and spent the rest of the afternoon siting outside with a book and some coffee.

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happyone said...

Sitting outside with a book sounds lovely. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. : )