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Sunday, 30 April 2017


If I had got up early this morning I would have been able to walk up the hill in lovely sunshine. As it was, by the time I was up and ready there was a steady drizzle in the air. Not to be beaten, at least not on the second day of my keep-fit-by-walking-up-the-hill regime I put on a waterproof and left my camera at home. Once I was up at the top I carried on along the brow of the hill this time to Bowden Corner. I even was able to do one of my core strengthening exercises as I walked along. (The 2 male blackbirds are back again but sitting in different trees.) Coming back it began to rain in earnest but my attention was diverted by watching someone, probably Andrew, putting out corn for the pheasants in the top field. He'd left his truck on the rough ground and I had to smile when I saw that the front wheel arch was tied on with baler twine, very neatly though.
This afternoon I dismantled the single bed in one of the spare bedrooms. The mattress will have to go to the dump but the pine frame can go to the Hospice furniture shop. As we had a spare I've even included an allen key with the screws and bolts.
The rain has died back to a drizzle but I wasn't tempted back out to the garden.

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