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Monday, 3 April 2017

Just Looking.

It's been a lot cooler and cloudier today. I've mainly been doing stuff around the house, tidying up- that sort of thing. I did do a little outside first tidying the bog garden which mainly looks after itself. Today there were a few twigs and branches that had fallen from the overhanging trees to be cleared and some of the astilbes still had last year's flower spikes. They were easy to snap off and there were surprisingly few weeds. I also made a start on oiling the garden furniture. Last autumn I gave it all as many coats of teak oil as it would take but it doesn't hurt to give it another coat now. 
Every time I walk around the garden there are new flowers appearing.  White Spanish bluebells, blackthorn in the hedge and a white spirea are the latest.
This afternoon we had yet another drive-by. This time they stopped on the road above the garden and parked on my neighbour's field (he wont like that). I was in the house and saw them start to walk around the scree garden. I thought that was a bit off but I went out and chatted to them anyway. They're down here on holiday and I think were just having a look rather than serious buyers. 
I saw the stag again this morning. He appeared from the corner by the stream under the big beech tree and ran across the garden. Hopefully he has got the message that he's not welcome in the garden because deer can cause a lot of damage.

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