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Monday, 17 April 2017


There was a bit more sun today so we thought we'd try a gentle walk up to Bowden Corner.  
 The verges and hedgerows are full of all sorts of wild flowers.
We walked on to the start of Rookabear Lane. I feel like adding an extra note to the signpost - If you're looking for Dingles Farm your satnav has gone wrong. Because this is where putting our postcode into a satnav will get you and we often end up getting phone calls from lost delivery people. The lane drops down very steeply to Muddiford and is definitely not suitable for ordinary vehicles. On our way back we had a chat with a lady I know who was working in her garden.
 Looking across Bideford Bay to Clovelly and Hartland Point. 
Squeaky is getting very fussy over her food and is yelling at me now because she's only got tinned cat food with crushed cat treats sprinkled on top (the other 2 cats would love this special diet). She has tinned rather than dry food because her teeth are not good but the vet agreed with me that she is too old for the general anaesthetic needed to descale her teeth. She eats the food if it is straight from the tin but won't if it has been in the fridge so then I warm it up by putting it in the rayburn warmer for a bit. However I found that she will munch through tinned salmon (which I had last night) and crème fraiche straight from the fridge is also acceptable. So also is cooked chicken breast! Still she is 17 so I spoil her a bit.
I won't be hearing from Vytas for a while as they are now trekking to Machu Picchu, lucky them. However yesterday Sally attempted to order a hot chocolate in Spanish but the waiter brought her some corn on the cob and a slice of cheese. Perhaps an old fashioned phrase book would have been helpful.

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