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Tuesday, 4 April 2017


The day began with a cold grey morning but by the afternoon the sun was shining although the wind was still cold.
This morning I had an appointment with the physiotherapist at the hospital. I didn't leave myself enough time to get there calmly and had to quick march through the housing estate and the hospital grounds to get there just in time. It turns out that apart from doing the exercises for a bit too long I've also done each one to the maximum stretch which is a bit too much for my back. With my adjusted exercises things should settle down and even improve. The hospital grounds are looking very cheerful at the moment with cherry blossom and some azaleas flowering. The horse chestnut trees along the main road are already in leaf and there are primroses, celandines and other wild flowers along the country roads.
I also had an appointment at the doctor's in the afternoon so I had a two hours to do some shopping and visit the library. I love this vintage shop, these dresses would make lovely bridesmaids dresses. I also found myself a pair of loose, lightweight trousers. I've been looking for a pair for a while but either I didn't like the pattern or they didn't have them in my size. Peter went 'Aargh' when I took them out of the bag but said they looked alright when I put them on. All I need now is a holiday in a sunny place.
My doctor signed me off work again and while I was there I asked if there was any new treatment for my permanent sinus infection. As I guessed, not really but she gave me different nose drops to use for a couple of weeks.
After the doctor's it was home for a well deserved rest.

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