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Sunday, 2 April 2017


It's been a glorious day with the sun shining in an almost cloudless sky. The air was a bit on the cool side so the shade was quite chilly but it was a day to be spent outside starting with an al fresco brunch of fresh coffee and porridge with raspberries and blueberries.  
I did spend a lot of the afternoon just enjoying the sun and reading but I also found a job I could do at the table. That was to make some repairs on one of a pair of full length curtains that usually hang over the airing cupboard in the upstairs hall. In their prime these curtains must have been very grand, full-length raw silk with an inner woollen lining to help keep out the draughts. They are very old and one in particular was in a sad state with the torn lining hanging down. Initially I planned to replace the damaged lining with some sheeting  but when I looked again at the silk it was too worn. Instead I cut away the torn lining and stitched up all the loose edges. I also turned one of the long edges over as it was quite frayed. There must be some gaps either to the loft or the outside in that airing cupboard as sometimes there is a draught blowing out of there.
While I was stitching away yet another car arrived in the yard with a couple who just wanted to check the place out. I'm thinking we might get a few more 'drive-bys' as it's now the school Easter holidays.  

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