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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Late Sun.

Yesterday the estate agents rang booking a viewing for this afternoon. You can guess what happened today - Peter got an email cancelling the viewing. He didn't check his emails till later on as the internet is so slow so we had already got the house extra tidy and I was just giving the already gleaming kitchen a final wipe when he came down and told me. We'd even put the heating on as it was quite chilly outside. Still it's nice to have the whole house tidy. But was there really a viewing? We're never too sure.
Not wishing to waste my enthusiasm for getting fit I took myself for a walk up the hill to watch the lambs. These ones haven't quite reached the adventurous age when they form little gangs away from their mothers chasing each other around or looking through the gates. It's still sweet to see them with their mothers and waggling their tails as they feed. When I walked through the tunnel of trees at Ashelford Corner my ears were filled with the sound of the wind whooshing through the trees sounding just like the gentle murmur of waves on a stony beach.
I'm going to try and walk up the hill every day whatever the weather. The first bit between the ponies' fields is very steep and although I didn't have to stop half-way I could feel my heart pounding once I got to the top. It's a matter of finding the right balance between exertion and not doing too much to my knee which was twinging a bit by the time I got home. We've decided to go ahead and buy an exercise bike which will be helpful for both of us. We'd thought about getting one last year but I wanted to wait until we were sure we had enough space for one when we moved. As we don't know when that is going to happen we'll take a chance.
 Wild flowers are blooming in all the hedgerows.
Once back home I did more exercises and had a longer guitar session. After such a cloudy morning out came the sun which is shining still almost tempting me out again but that would be overdoing things.
Only a few more branches to green up on this tree but not a single leaf yet on the big beech tree.

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