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Monday, 1 May 2017

Sunny Afternoon.

The day started off like a typical Bank Holiday, wet, cold and grey but that wasn't the reason I didn't go for a walk up the hill. Common sense won over determination in that my knee was not doing well this morning. Blasted arthritis! I'll see how things are tomorrow. 
Instead I planted up the hanging baskets. Showing great imagination they are exactly the same as last year's; blue, magenta and purple surfinias with white trailing lobelia. They've been very happy in the conservatory and doubled in size since I bought them. This year I've only put 3 surfinias in each basket so there's some room should I be tempted by any bargains when the main rush of everybody buying their bedding plants is over.
By the afternoon the sun came out and things warmed up. I did some weeding in one of the ornamental grass beds and then spent the rest of the afternoon reading outside. The rooks and their young are quite noisy but the blackbird did his best to drown them out with his much more melodious song. The swallows are nesting in both the usual places in the outbuildings and I caused a major panic when I had a look in the pump house so I didn't stop to take any photos. 

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happyone said...

Love the entrance to your home.