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Sunday, 21 May 2017


It's been a lovely sunny day with a warm wind. A good day for getting things done outside. My first task was to cut back the beech hedge along the side of the garden. Judging by the size of some of the branches it didn't get done last year but my loppers came in useful. 
After a break round 2 was to climb down into the stream behind the hedge to do some cutting back from that side. There was no real need to do that apart from making it possible to walk up the little stream which I occasionally like to do. I also cut back the brambles on the far side and pulled up any that had established themselves under the hedge. Then I cut back the brambles leading from the plank bridge (now creaking ominously so not in use) to the corner of the fencing around the fields and woods.
After yet another break to cool down (I got rather hot wearing my bramble proof gardening coat), I climbed into the field for an explore. I haven't been in there for years though we do have permission from the owner. The open areas are very squelchy so it was more of a slow walk to look at the plants and creatures. I mainly kept to the higher ground near the trees as I didn't want to lose a boot in the mud.
I was able to follow the deer paths just visible with hoof prints in the soft ground. 
The picture doesn't show it too well but the speedwell in the foreground was prettily dotted with bright blue flowers.
This is where I climbed into the field contorting myself through the gap in the middle.
Then once I was through I swung the crossbar back into the loop of cord that I put there for that purpose. The lower bar is nailed at that angle and I'm pretty sure from the tracks that it's where the deer get through.
My last job of the day was to unpack and photograph the box of glasses brought down from the loft yesterday. I've put the green glasses aside as a quick search revealed that they were made in 1820/30s and quite valuable.

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happyone said...

So nice to see all that sunshine. : )
You sound busy as usual!
The green glassware is very pretty.