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Thursday, 18 May 2017


It's been dry and fairly sunny with a good breeze today. I got some washing out on the line and although there were a couple of moments when I thought it was going to rain it was nearly dry by the time I brought it back in. 
I spent the afternoon working in the garden. Initially I planned to clear the steps in the far corner as they were almost hidden by long grass. This was a hands and knees job (thank goodness for my soft strap on knee pads) using a pair of large dress making scissors. Although I could have used the long handled shears working on my knees made it easy to weed the bank on either side of the path at the same time. Also using scissors  means I have my other hand free to clear the grass away. Once I'd done the steps naturally I carried on working along the path but came to a halt when I got to the section of path full of plantain. That will have to wait for the next time I run the mower over the path.
One last bit I did do was to trim the grass along the sides of the rill that empties into the pond. Having tidy edges makes a difference even when the lawn itself needs mowing. Wildlife seen today were a newt found under a leaf in the rill and a toad walking in the nursery beds.

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