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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


For most of the day it has been warm and sunny. For a while in the morning it began to cloud over but then it warmed up again.  Thinking that it might rain I went out and did my weeding first thing. This time I did my weeding around the hardy geraniums. They're growing well and soon it will be quite hard to grub out the grass and occasional bramble that have some how appeared.
Everything in the propagating beds is doing well. The writing on the labels for the plants I split 2 years ago has mostly faded so as soon as they flower I need to rewrite the colours. I was looking at a label in the bed with the newer plants which said lavender and thinking that I hadn't propagated any lavender when I realised it referred to the colour of the buddleia cuttings.

I finished off my afternoon by reading outside in the suntrap by the conservatory. As long as there weren't any clouds it was deliciously warm.
Finally, I've reached my first diet goal- a whole stone lost. The programme More or Less on R4 is great for analysing figures and also shows how easy it is to put a slant on them by careful comparison or picking specific parameters (Can you tell I like numbers?) They also analyse the many numerical lies coming out of the mouths of politicians especially as there will be a General Election in a few week's time. So for a good slant -It's a whole stone! while for a less favourable slant -I've lost all the weight I put on over Christmas after my pre-Christmas diet, with the mitigating statement -January and February were particularly stressful. I'm happy anyway and intend to continue until I'm right in the middle of the BMI range rather than nearer the top and yes I was a little overweight for a while. Why the chocolate hen? It's my treat for reaching my first goal as realistically I'm always going to want good chocolate. Don't worry it's only 7 1/2 inches high so not too many calories. I allow myself  2 squares of Lidl's dark chocolate with raspberries every night unless my weight has crept up when I have to do without. Oh the tricks we have to play on our minds.

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happyone said...

Glad you had a sunny day and glad you reached your goal. : )
Your chocolate each night reminds me of my nightly ice cream. : ) Ken always gets it for me so I don't eat too much of it!!