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Friday, 5 May 2017


It's been a very busy day, or at least it seems like that to me compared with my usual quiet days down in our valley.
First off it was the early morning back class at the hospital. I set the alarm for 6.00 to allow myself time to wake up but I like being awake early especially when the sun is shining.  (I quite like sleeping in too, even more so after a bad night.) The physiotherapist agreed with me that the hill might be too much for my knee and suggested driving to where the walking is more level. I chose the same exercise bike as last week and this time the 10 minute warm up wasn't so hard so maybe I am getting fitter. I did some work on the exercise ball and found that when you're focusing on using your core it's hard to work out which are your opposite hand and foot. (I wasn't the only one who had to think for a minute.) I wasn't allowed to do the superman exercise but it was fun watching the others forgetting to keep one foot on the floor and nearly coming to grief on the very large exercise balls.
After the hospital I drove into town and dropped the bed off at the Hospice Shop. I also got rid of the big bag of puppets. I do love clearing stuff out.
A bit later on in the morning I had an Absence Meeting at school. It was a fairly informal chat with my Head teacher and a representative from the teaching union as there is a set way of doing things in the case of longer illness.
After all that I drove over to Lidl's and then Tesco's. Whenever I'm in Tesco's I have a quick check of the different places they put their reductions and I did well today. Up in the homeware/ bedding area they had some half price fitted sheets including super-king size. There was a choice of white, blue or beige so I got 2 in white to go with the duvet covers I bought last year and they'll be all right with the cream covers too. Naturally I checked out the clothing and bought a pair of black leggings in trouser weight fabric and a pair of gym leggings again in black but with a bit of grey and purple both again at half price. After all that I was feeling worn out by the time I got home.
 This afternoon I only saw 6 goslings, hopefully the 7th was just out of sight.
 The big tree has begun to wake up.
I was given a free scratch card at Lidl's and I've won ........ a healthy pack of broccoli. I have a suspicion that everyone wins but I think it's a good idea. There's also a code to enter a draw for a trip to Barcelona to watch the England football team train which I'll enter not that I want the prize but I could pass it on to someone else.

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