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Saturday, 27 May 2017

All Change.

Last night was one of  dramatic thunderstorms. I slept through the first one which woke Peter up at about 1am (thanks to some of my tablets) but was woken up at 3am by the next one and this time Peter slept through the storm. I couldn't see the lightning but the clouds were lit up with only 1 second between each flash. This continued for over half an hour along with background rumbling and brief but heavy rain. It was rather as if somebody was switching a fluorescent light on and off.
Today has been cool with some heavy rain showers. The Met Office report says that we may have more thunderstorms today and tomorrow and gives a yellow flood warning for localised heavy rain. Once the postman had been down I went and out and reinforced the dam across the road just in case. 
As it's grey and gloomy I'm posting photos of some of the hardy geraniums taken yesterday.
We were both tired this morning but Peter had to get up as we had an electrician coming. The electrician has put in a double wall socket and light up by the water pressure tank ready for the water filter and UV thingy to be installed. He also took down the fuse board and  switches for the swimming pool pump system as they were old and unsafe.
I haven't done much outside today but I did fill up the bird feeder with peanuts. There's a woodpecker that comes and scoffs the peanuts so we do bang on the window to scare him off or all the little birds miss out. I also did my usual guitar practise as I'm determined to gain a modicum of skill. There's a saying that it takes 10,000 hours to play an instrument properly. Mmm if I played for an hour a day (which I don't) that would be nearly 30 years!

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