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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Mostly Dry.

The day started warm and overcast  but as rain was possible later on we decided to take a walk up the hill and to Ashelford Corner to see how our knees would cope. So far so good.
Walking up the hill we suddenly saw a weasel running down towards us. When it noticed us it stopped and shot off to the hedge so the only photo I got was of the end of its tail, possibly. Last night as we had been watching tv I looked up to see a red deer stag in the garden. It was only passing through and quickly ran over the plank bridge and off into the woods.
It didn't rain last night and from the look of the fields the farmers have managed to get their silage in on time.

Coming back down the hill we could see both goose families keeping cool in the shade. 
A heron was hanging round the lake, no doubt waiting for a tasty trout.  
Once we got home I took advantage of the still dry weather and did some weeding in the scree garden. I stayed out until it began to rain around 4.30. So far we seem to have missed the heavy rain but I'm still glad my flood defences are up. At the moment the rain is steady but not very heavy. 

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happyone said...

So nice to have a dry pretty day. Enjoyed all your beautiful pictures.