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Monday, 8 May 2017


We had an early phone call to arrange a viewing later this morning and what a lovely day it was to show off the house and garden. As I walked down the drive after leaving my car up by the top fields there wasn't a cloud in the sky only a hint of mist over the sea and it has stayed like that all day long. The estate agent showed the people around so we don't really know what they thought of the place though they did say how beautiful it is here.
After the viewing we took the last few pieces of furniture out of the spare bedroom that will be getting a new carpet tomorrow. We also took up the old carpet and underlay which I drove down to the Ilfracombe dump. Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was taken up with sitting outside and enjoying the lovely weather. 
I saw the goose family out for a swim on the lake and sadly there do seem to be only 6 goslings now. There's been no evidence that either of our cats was the culprit.

The picture quality on this video clip is not very good but you can hear 2 blackbirds, one in each tree taking it in turns to sing. Not to mention the constant cawing of the rooks which annoyed Peter when he came to join me outside.

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